Natural building

Natural building offers a unique experience that allows you to feel the magic of creating your own habitable space using simple but effective technologies and indigenous materials such as clay, straw, water, dung, tree trunks, stones and other non-toxic and environmental friendly materials.


Horseback riding

In a place where it is still the way of life for local people to go around on their horses, riding through the Andean landscapes makes this aspect of going back to the source something tangible and authentic. Riding freely on horses is an exotic and at the same time primeval activity.

Interacting with Llamas

Observing these animals carries us to contemplative and ancestral spaces. The llamas are very peculiar in their movements, their gaze and their elegance. Sharing time with them or simply watching them roam at will in La Comarca is a therapy in itself.  We have llamas, alpacas and guallamas, several of them well trained to interact with you for walks or simply as a pet.


We have the great fortune of being located in the magnificent Iglesia Valley surrounded by the colossal Cordillera de los Andes. This place offers different circuits where you can be engaged in a variety of activities as described in detail in our Excursions and Activities section of this site.


In our farm we have an orchard with more than a hundred young fruit trees. We also have a vegetable garden and an Andean greenhouse where we produce all year round for our consumption.  You can participate in any level or any activity you wish related to the food production.


We offer you the possibility to share our lifestyle without television or internet (with easy access to a wi-fi spot in case you need it), highlighting the premise: “Disconnect in order to Connect.” Return to the essence of face-to-face relationships with others here and now, and quiet rediscovery of oneself.

During your stay we offer excursions and in-house rural activities

Experience nature, relax and reconnect!!!

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