About us

Volver a la Fuente

Las Flores, Dept. Iglesia, San Juan, Argentina

Tourism, Agriculture, Education

Sustainability, Ecology, BioConstruction

Our Crew

Felipe, Antonio, Lila, Jahnavi, Jiva, Ananda, Federico, Bali.

Our Pets and farm animals

Manu (dog)  Mia and Foxy (cats)

Shanti, Luna, India, Chuschina and Andino (horses)

Llama herd - Peacocks - Chickens


     La Comarca del Jarillal is the dream of two families who migrated to the province of San Juan from far away: Felipe Iacopino came from Buenos Aires with his two children in 2009, and Antonio Iacopino with his wife and three children came from Chicago, USA, in August 2011. 

     We arrived eager to face the challenge of creating a life project that is anchored in appreciation and respect for the rhythms of the Earth, with a focus on authenticity and conscious choices. That is why our tourist project aims to transmit to visitors a direct experience of this ideology that we call "Volver a la Fuente" (Back to the Source).

      Upon acquiring a beautiful 4 hectare farm which includes fertile fields, natural springs, a forest of poplars and centenary acacias, and the oldest house in El Jarillal, we began renovations and eventually converted the house into an eco-country hotel with spacious rooms and private bathrooms. Apart from that, we also constructed an ecological house made with a bio-climatic design, unique in its style in the province of San Juan.

     Meanwhile we gradually populated the farm with all of our animal friends, and also developed our agricultural projects, learning and growing every step of the way. 

     In 2015 we lauched our volunteer program and embarked upon another adventure in cultural and interpersonal exchange. 



We are committed to make a better world for ourselves and the community that surrounds us...

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